Friday, May 15, 2009

Question 73: Why should I go to the LA Film Fest if I don't have a project in it or know anyone who does?

Well, let me count the reasons:
1. You need to meet people!
2. It's an opportunity to research the filmmakers beforehand and craft specific questions for them in order to start a business relationship
3. You need to meet people!!
4. People always ask me where to meet first/second time directors- this is a great place
5. You need to meet people!!!

This film festival happens once a year. It is a gathering of industry people at all levels. It is your job to be there. 

If you were a toy manufacturer, you would attend toy conventions. Consider this YOUR convention.

Don't know how to maximize your time at a film festival? Put your question or concern in the comments and I'll address it tomorrow...

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