Saturday, November 7, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 250: Is it bad when people tag me in pictures on Facebook that aren't professional?

It certainly can be. Remember, EVERYTHING on the world wide web is there "somewhere" forever. There have already been examples of actors who posted "revealing" blogs when they were unknown, and as soon as they hit stardom, some reporter dug up the blog and to my entertainment, it made The Soup.

What if five years from now you are interviewing for a job (in June) and someone googles you only to find an old Halloween picture with no knowledge that it was a holiday picture. All they see is a tasteless costume or an x-rated French Maid.

I'm not saying you shouldn't share your pictures, I certainly do. Just keep in mind that if you are partying or doing something that could end up on a google search some day, it could potentially come back to haunt you professionally. This goes for the written word as well.

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