Thursday, July 15, 2010

entertainment industry coach Question 498: How would I research new ways to reach out to my contacts?

This question came from yesterday's blog entry, where I wrote that you should research more tools and methods for reaching out to your contacts. I'm assuming that "anonymous" reaches out the same way that 90% of our industry reaches out: "I'm available (AKA just checking in) calls." Another more passive variation is the "I'm available (AKA just checking in) emails." If you've ever worked on a show/film/commercial before, you'll understand what I'm about to say. If not, listen up. Working people don't have time to get back to people who are just "checking in" and certainly don't want to get back to you if they know you're available and have nothing to offer.

Hence today's question. I reach out to my contacts in a number of ways:
1. My daily blog (to which some have subscribed)
2. A bi-monthly complimentary Ezine, which supplies a great how-to article, recommendations, and a little something about what I'm up to. (Feel free to subscribe above, if you're missing out on it)
3. Social media
4. Being a connector for them
5. Passing along valuable information such as networking opportunities or free movie screenings

The bottom line is, to stay in constant contact with your "list," you have to provide value to them so that they want to constantly hear from you.

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