Friday, July 10, 2009

question 129: How do I sell myself while avoiding sounding overconfident or too experienced?

First of all, the language in this question concerns me. Believe it or not, it makes you sound like you're not confident and don't have enough experience. Why? Because a confident experienced person would never ask a question like this. To me, over-confident reads, "I act cocky to appear confident even though I'm not." Too experienced reads, "I'm applying for jobs I'm overqualified for, but I need the work."

Secondly, I'm going to re-work the question to read:

I have years of experience. How do I sell myself to people with less experience without seeming overqualified?

There are very specific strategies I use to coach my clients in this situation. In fact, I like to address every job opportunity with them separately. So, for the sake of the readers, I'll give you some general guidelines:

1. Imagine why the person hiring you would object to your experience.

2. Create a positive counter conversation for any objection you imagine. In other words, show the person how your experience makes you an asset to them in a way they never considered.

3. Re-consider how much you choose to share about your experience if it really is hindering you.

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