Monday, December 19, 2011

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1019: Watched your seminar. What does it have to do with the mentor program you offer?

The 3 Keys to Your Success in Entertainment seminar, gave you the major tasks to tackle in order to make your business of acting or writing, or shooting, or editing, or what ever you do in entertainment, successful. The Greenlight Mentor Elite Program, supports you with all of the steps that go into proceeding with these tasks. In my experience, people come to a seminar, take from it the big ideas, but then lose momentum when it comes to putting things into practice.


Because everyone has their own "baggage" they carry with them. In a seminar I have to address the general public. In my Elite Program, I can address the individuals; their mindsets, their fears, their blocks, etc. In other words, what ever is getting in the way of you successfully executing the major tasks, can be addressed through monthly Q&A calls with me. And there is so much more.

If you want monthly inspiration, a team, a coach, new ideas, questions answered, feedback on your correspondence and approach to contacting people, and whatever else is coming up for you, this is an affordable program that can be your "biz" training for 2012.

AND on top of it all, you get monthly interviews with industry professionals and an action guide so you are always learning and moving your career forward.

I created the program that I always wish I had in my 20+ years in the industry. It's never too soon or too late to solidify your careers foundation and build Build BUILD!

I'd love for you to join us! Glad you enjoyed the seminar!

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Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1280: I grew up in India and as a result English is my second language (cont'd)

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