Friday, February 17, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1077:How am I supposed to keep up with all the TV shows when they get cancelled so fast?

Actors are told to know ALL the shows because they need to know the tone when they audition (this was sent to me by an actor). Every classification that works in television needs to keep up with the shows so that you know the tone, the crew, the genre, etc.

How do you keep up? Bottom line is, if you watched every show you'd have no time to pursue a career. Watch the pilots. That will give you a pretty clear idea of the show. Don't get too caught up with keeping detailed notes on everything. Target 20 shows to begin with and if 2 get cancelled, add 2 more. Use resources like YouTube, and the network websites to catch a show that you get called in for and may have missed. This applies to you non-actors for when you have a meeting with someone whose show you've never seen.

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