Tuesday, March 30, 2010

entertainment industry coach Question 391: Resume question:

“I'm now asked to either email or fax a resume if it involves a production office. I usually choose the fax because I figure several people might see my name, recognize it, pass it around and hopefully it will get to the DP. In my efforts to go green I'm trying to shrink my resume to take less paper. But I've got lots of credits (thanks in a big way to you!!!) and I don't want to make it too small. I am emailing it to many places because they only offer that option so length is no problem -- any tips on making it stand out? I'm sending it in PDF format rather in the body of the email -- is that the best way?”

First, cover both bases by faxing the 1 pager, then sending an email saying, “In an effort to go green, I’ve faxed you my short resume as requested. Attached is the longer version.”

Second, if you want to stand out write in big letters (or in an email in big red letters) Requested by/Referred by (insert the name of person you know on the production). That’s of course if you have a referral or if it’s been requested. Do you 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon to find out someone connected to your submission.

And third, when sending a PDF, do both, in the body of the email and the attachment.

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