Friday, March 12, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 374: What's the best way to convince people to work low pay upfront & rest deferred for a 3 wk Indie Film shoot?

The best way is to create a win/win, be professional (have legal documents drawn up regarding the deferral pay), and most of all make it fun for them.

No one wants to work for free or for lower than their pay grade, but people will be willing to do it if:

1. They like and want to support the person whose project it is
2. They believe in the material
3. There is an opportunity for them (to work in a new genre, get a scene for their reel that's missing, play with new equipment they've never used before, get a celebrity on their reel, meet new people to network with, etc.)
4. They are being given the opportunity to move up in classification
5. They need to build their credits

The critical thing to remember when people are making sacrifices for your project is to treat them and feed them well!

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