Friday, May 14, 2010

entertainment industry coach Question 435:How do I find work out of LA market when states offering tax incentives are mandating local crew hires only?

The only way I'm aware of (and if others know of any, please chime in) is to be able to work as a local hire. The point of the states offering these tax incentives is so that their residents can have an advantage over the Hollywood people who have worked out here for so long because that's were the work was. Now it's being spread around.

Recently an actress I've worked with booked a job in the Bay Area because she grew up there and they could hire her as a local.

I personally know this person has already relocated to Los Angeles, so if he's not interested in relocating to a state with incentives that's busy and keeping LA as his production city, then he and everyone in his position are going to have to focus on generating work in LA.

In the mean time, get involved with where they are working with politicians to get better incentives and other forms of enticements to keep producers in California.

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