Tuesday, December 8, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 281: What do you do when nothing's happening and you feel disappointed?

It sounds like you're asking me personally, so I'll answer you personally. When I feel disappointed or things aren't happening at the speed I'd like them to, I get back to what got me into this business to begin with. My creativity.

I'm in an acting class once a week, so that keeps me creative. But when I'm really out of touch, I'll work on a script that I'd put down, not a big budget romantic comedy, but a smaller budget script that I could potentially produce. In the past, writing has turned into 4 produced projects.

If I'm so bummed out that the creative juices aren't flowing, I pop in one of my go-to rom coms. Without fail, Pretty Woman, The Family Man, Notting Hill, and two piles high of others, stimulate ideas, while I'm watching, or when I'm dreaming, or while I'm driving and on and on. It's not long before I'm back at my laptop typing out what the characters request of me.

That's my method. I'm sure there are others out there who may want to share, so let's hear from you.

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