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Casting Call: A new competition series starring Hollywood’s top entertainment career coach, is seeking skilled professionals in the entertainment industry, who know their craft and want to supercharge their rate of getting new contacts and jobs. Casting is looking for outgoing, driven, above and below the line candidates; actors, directors, writers, production designers, camera department, editors, costumers, etc. Participants must be available form April 27th –May 10th. Everyone chosen will receive prizes as the competition progresses, and the winner will receive a year of platinum coaching and a cash prize. The producers want to make it clear that this is an educational and empowering show, putting success tools in the hands of entertainment industry professionals. Participants must live in Los Angeles. To apply email and include name, age, classification(s), and why you would be great on the show. Also include a recent photo and your contact numbers.

entertainment industry coach question 353:I've been in the biz for 35 yrs how can you coach when every thing's changed?

I imagine in your 35 years in the business you've seen many periods of change, including multiple strikes, runaway production, ever-changing technology. With all of these changes how can I not coach? You see, the new people breaking in, haven't been through what you have, so they are going after their careers like "this is the way it is." For them, I coach them on the basic business tools to grow their business that EVERYBODY needs, no matter the climate or changes of the industry.

For people like you, who've been in the industry a long time, I must (pardon the expression) "teach old dogs new tricks." Most people don't like change and resist it too long, hoping that the "money-spenders" will come to their senses and keep things as they were. By the time they realize that's not going to happen, a new crop of ____________(insert your classification) have jumped on the "change" bandwagon, and are getting hired on the jobs that used to be yours.

So I coach people who want to embrace the changes, move with them, and keep working. I also coach people who are starting from right now, empowering them with tools that will help them through future changes which they will encounter. As a coach, I change with the times too. Do you think a decade ago I was coaching clients to market themselves with social media? No. The people who are resisting the change, "fighting joining Facebook" are losing out on massive opportunities and losing work because of it!

If you are resisting change, and frustrated that things aren't what they used to be, I suggest you change your attitude and start looking for ways to be a part of the change.

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