Monday, April 26, 2010

entertainment industry coach Question 418: You advise on TV careers, but do you actually watch it?

Not sure how this is going to help your career, but, yes, I watch A LOT of TV. I watch every new show at least once so I know the tone and characters (unless it's a show that may give me bad dreams, in which case if I ever needed to know about the show, I'd go to, but that's rare). I also watch shows my clients are working on, whenever possible.

But the bottom line is, I got into this industry because I've loved movies and TV since I was a kid. I'm not one of those people who "doesn't own a tv," in fact quite the opposite. I have a double DVR that works all through prime time hours, and what I can't record, I watch On Demand or on the internet.

Here is my DVR's top 25 (not that it ends there...)
1. 24
2. Glee
3. Lost
4. Chuck
5. Desperate Housewives
6. Grey's Anatomy
7. Parenthood
8. Drop Dead Diva
9. Life Unexpected
10. Flash Forward
11. Private Practice
12. The Good Wife
13. House
14. Cougar Town
15. Modern Family
16. Community
17. Brothers & Sisters
18. 30 Rock
19. The Office
20. New Adventures of Old Christine
21. Saving Grace
22. Medium
23. White Collar
24. Army Wives
25. The Soup

And of course Yankee and Giant games when they're on. I bet you're wondering how I watch all this TV and still get so much work done...

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