Sunday, June 20, 2010

entertainment industry coach Question 473:I'm an actor and got yelled at for moving something on a set that was in my way in the scene. What gives?

What gives? A Union member whose job it is to move the set pieces, I imagine. Just like your Union (SAG and/or AFTRA) has rules to protect you, your position as an actor, your rights, and your safety, other Unions have rules to protect their members' jobs.

On non-union, low-budget sets, you may find yourself acting one minute and moving sandbags the next, but when you step up to Union productions, you have one job to do and that's act. If you need your sandwich replaced for continuity, the script supervisor will let the prop department know.

Instead of being put off by it, be empowered knowing that there are organizations out there working to preserve the jobs of all of their members.

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