Saturday, March 20, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 382: What current celebrities have you coached or managed that are in the acting business

First off, I don't manage anyone. I'm an entertainment industry career coach. I don't know how other coaches operate, but my client list is confidential. I have testimonials and press where my clients mention me, but I don't share their information with anyone. I know some coaches do, to promote their business, but my clients promote me so I don't do that kind of marketing.

Perhaps you're just wondering about my credentials, if I'm coaching people who are working and recognizable and the answer is yes. I've worked with Oscar and Emmy winners, people "fresh off the bus," and everyone in between. I've coached over 1000 people and that number grows every month. There isn't an obstacle I haven't found a solution for thus far, and should that day come, I'll use all of my resources to find an answer.

As great as it is to have celebrity clients (mostly because they understand how important following through with our work is, and therefore see the payoff faster) it's equally as great to work with someone unknown and watch them grow to celebrity status.

So I apologize if you were hoping for same name-dropping, but you've come to the wrong coach.

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