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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 268: How do I get more work, better work, or different work?

This was a question asked on my Facebook wall, because as a career coach, that's what I do, and it says just that in my profile. I help people get more work, better work, or different work. Now the question itself is too general to answer in one blog, which is why I'm on day number 268.

My advice to this person is:
1. Read my blog, subscribe to my newsletter and watch my videos. They're all free and will give you ideas.
2. Do an evaluation of where you are right now. Getting work is in direct correlation to the number of people you know who can hire you and how well you know them. So how many people do you know who can hire you and how well do you know them?
3. Once you've done numbers 1 & 2, design specific questions that pertain to where you are in your career and ask them.

People in the entertainment industry work with a career coach because they've spent years working on their craft, yet, have neglected learning the business tools necessary for success as a freelancer. If you're frustrated because you've been doing the same things over and over to get work, and not getting the results you want, it's important to recognize that having business skills is just as important as having the skills of your craft.

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