Tuesday, July 7, 2009

question 126: What is the biggest problem you see with people in our industry?

I prefer to call it a challenge as opposed to a problem, but really--- it's a problem. Here's what happens: People in our industry send out cold resumes to hundreds of leads per year that they read about on line or in the trades and get them no where. By the end of the year, they are frustrated and bitter. Then, they come to me, frustrated and bitter about the industry in general.

I ask them, "How many people do you know in the entertainment industry?"

The average answer is 5 -40.

Then I ask, "and of those 5-40, how many are in the position to hire you?"

The average answer is 0.

The biggest problem is that people in our industry understand their craft/art, but don't understand the business side AKA how to generate work. I know I answered your question, but I'm sure this will only trigger more questions about "how" to generate work effectively. And to that I say...

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