Friday, March 4, 2011

entertainment industry coach question 729:Is it okay to talk biz at a dog park when the person is there for his dog?

It sounds to me like you recognize someone famous who goes to your dog park. I'm making that assumption because you're asking if it's okay to talk to someone about business and how would you know he's in the business unless you talked about it already. So you recognize someone. Instead of just walking up and going straight for the business talk, talk about your dogs, build a relationship. Eventually, you can bridge the gap, because obviously if you recognize him, he knows he's famous and that you know who he is (unless you're the character from Knotting Hill who didn't know who Anna was when she came to the birthday party)

The bottom line is, when you bring up business, do it in a professional way where you're asking about something that will help you move forward. Just spewing out fan banter, may cause him to change the time he comes, or change dog park completely. Okay, I'm tired. You get it. If not, write me back and I'll revisit after some sleep.

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