Wednesday, September 2, 2009

question 184: I reached out to a mentor using your system and haven't heard back. Do I just give up?

If you're using my system, I'm assuming you've followed up and aren't just waiting to hear from the person. I usually suggest following up 3 times, the 3rd, letting them know that it's your 3rd time contacting them, and that perhaps they're working or out of town, and if they are interested in mentoring you, you'd be thrilled to hear from them whenever they're available, and if not, you won't be following up again. And thank them again for their consideration.

That said, since you're following my system, I'm also assuming you sent out multiple letters and didn't put all of your eggs in one basket, right? Right?....

Hmmmm. If not, get back on that horse and reach out to multiple people. All it takes is one YES to make your day and possibly your career : )

It's a numbers game, and if you only reach out to one person and that person doesn't respond, you can get very discouraged. And when that happens it can set you back and start the negative conversations in your head. Push through! There are people out there who want to give back, to contribute, and to share their knowledge. The right ones will connect with your requests.

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