Saturday, May 30, 2009

Question 88: Is late 20's too late to join the party? see blog for detailed question

Actual Question: A friend has just moved out to LA from NYC and been offered a job at a great entertainment company but the pay (of course) is low. It's an assistant position with potential to grow but she's wondering if she should take it even though it's not exactly what she wants to do. She's late twenties so she's also worried that she's late to the party so to speak but knows she has to start at the bottom. What are your thoughts? 

You used the word "great" when describing the entertainment company. As a coach I deal with tools and strategies. My strategy for someone in her late twenties, who wants to break into the business, is to meet as many people as she can. Working at a great company gives her access to a lot of great people. If she has the tools to make something of these relationships, as opposed to simply sitting behind a desk for a year doing her job, she can really get into a great position. Then, in a year,  she can pursue exactly what she wants with 200 relationships in her rolodex. That's if she works smart. 

After working in development myself for 8 months as well as coaching clients who work for producers or agencies, I highly recommend this strategy. There are a lot of benefits. I could be more specific about the benefits if I knew what type of company it is.

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