Monday, March 14, 2011

entertainment industry coach question 739: How do I get work on a daily show like Conan or The Tonight Show?

Here's how the whole question read: i am 19 and have come over to the US for 6 weeks to complete an internship. Before this i have worked as a runner on big studio pictures, as well as the UK version of Big Brother. TV is ultimately where i would like to end up, one day hopefully as a producer, but until then, how could i find work here on US tv? I would love to work on a daily show such as Conan or The Tonight Show, but would have no idea who or how to go about contacting. I know i would have to get a visa worked out, but i would be willing to get it all sorted so i can work on US TV!

There are two issues here. The Visa has been an obstacle for many of my Non-US resident clients. So, I'm not going to address that here, because until you have a work Visa, you can't work. Therefore, I'll answer the predominant question: Who to contact.

There are different types of producers in television. For example: Line producers who are dealing with the actual day to day of production and co-producers which I just chose as an example of one of the many titles used for the writers of the show. Because I don't know which path you're headed, if you wanted to write, you'd most likely start out as a writer's assistant. If you wanted to be in physical production you'd most likely start out as a P.A.

Who do you contact? EVERYONE you know. You tell them your goal (ex: to get a tv PA job or a tv writers assistant position) and ask if they can help you or refer you to someone who can.

That's where you start. Past that gets too detailed for a handwritten answer, although if you are brave enough to read through the 738 questions that came before this, you will find many helpful blog entries. Good luck!

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