Sunday, July 3, 2011

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 855: I'm brainstorming ways to meet more people in the business in NYC, since I don't live in LA. Help

I'll be giving seminars next week in NY, so you can network there... just sayin'

First you have to research the NYC market. Who lives there? Who works there? You can start by seeing if the NY Union branch offices have directories. Then research the local filmmaking organizations like They will have info on working NY residents. Once you have a target list of New Yorkers...

1. Social media: You have to decide what level of contact you want. LinkedIn is the more professional network you may find more executives to connect with there. Facebook is where the relationships are really happening in our industry (for now).

To make the most of social networking, you want to target the specific people whom you want to get to know. Instead of sending a lone "friend request," FB gives you the option to send a message with your request. Tell them a bit of your story; that you're a screenwriter in New York and would like to follow his/her posts to stay up to date on his/her work.

Once you are friends you can see the personal side. Does this person have kids? A sports passion? A hobby like photography? Anything you can connect to and comment on. That's how people get to know you. If they ask questions, answer them. If you are a Rangers fan and they are an Islanders fan stay away!!! Kidding... sort of.

2. Get mentors! I've written about this in my blog before so check the archives. Once you've built up your social network and know the people you have commonalities with and they would know who you are from Facebook (etc.), reach out for a business advice and guidance mentorship.

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