Monday, July 5, 2010

entertainment industry coach Question 488:I met someone yesterday and want to follow up. What's the best way?

I'm going to assume this is for professional reasons because you're writing to me and not a dating coach. My first question is: did you get contact information for this person? If so, good job. If not, time to do your research. You can start by contacting whomever hosted the 4th of July party (am I going out on limb by making that assumption?) to ask for contact information. If that's not going to fly, check IMDB Pro, social media sites, or do a Google search. Your last resort will be reaching out to all of your contacts to see if anyone knows this person (the whole 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon).

If you can't find contact information, you're pretty much stuck. But let's move on assuming you can get contact information. My second question is: did you discuss anything that calls for a follow up? For example: did the person suggest a movie you should see? Then you can see the movie and follow up to share your thoughts. Did the person give you any business advice? Then you can follow up to report your results after taking action. Did you discuss any shared personal interests, like tennis, surfing, or kids? Then you can follow up to plan a day to have a friendly competition, catch some waves, or take the kids on a picnic at Griffith Park.

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