Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1177: Help I'm at a party right now and I want to approach an actor without seeming like a fan.

I feel like I can hear you whispering. Okay, pretend I'm one of those bugs in your ear talking you through this. Walk over to the actor and ask either 1. how did he come to be here? 2. If he's having a good time? 3. If he knows if there is a secret 2nd bathroom.

Work with me here, I don't know the logistics, so go with whatever doesn't seem obvious. The third should make him laugh because everyone knows that it's a pain to stand on line waiting for the bathroom at a party and there's always the bathroom no one is privy to.

Then, if he's friendly, acknowledge him and either 1. tell him what you do in the industry 2. even if he's a film actor, ask if he's looking forward to season 2 of Suits (or if he is a she, ask if she thought the season finale of Grey's Anatomy jumped the shark) 3. Tell him you consider this a rare opportunity that you don't want to miss and seeing as he is as successful as he is, you know he understands, then ask him, if he could give you most impacting lesson he has had in the industry that you could learn from.

Wherever the conversation goes, it should somehow lead to #3 before the conversation ends. Then thank him for his time and say that you're going to take his advice and follow up with him in the future to let him know how he helped you. Then shake his hand, look him in the eyes and say, "so remember me, my name is ____ and I look forward to telling you about my success."

Good luck. This blog will self-destruct in 60 seconds.... no it won't.

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