Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1239: Is it OK to send a thank you card after I have already said a rushed thank you in person?

She continues... "About a month or so ago I landed a small speaking part in a really big movie with my favorite director and a great cast. It was two short scenes with the lead actor who is such a famous guy at the moment. I received really great feedback from the director and crew at the end of the two days I was one set. Upon leaving the set I thanked the director really quickly for the opportunity as he rushed passed me. I wanted to send him a thank you card now that the film has wrapped."

It's better than okay, it's encouraged! Too few people send personalized thank you notes. Now that the film has wrapped, the director has time to fully appreciate a heart felt note, so by all means DO send one! 

Be sure in a thank you note that you are not asking for future work, you are simply expressing your appreciation for the opportunity and sharing what made the experience so memorable for you.

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