Wednesday, November 17, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 623:unsolicited scripts are not read, but is it true that a producer with a pitch can get the meet?

I'm not 100% sure I get your question. I think what you're asking is if there's a difference between trying to send an unsolicited script and making an unsolicited pitch. And the answer is no, it is not true. Anyone can say they're a producer with a pitch. When I worked in development, if a writer or a director didn't come to us through an agent/manager/entertainment lawyer, they had to sign a release form. By doing this, the production company is protecting themselves in case your idea is similar to something they already have or something else they may do in the future.

It is the same with an unsolicited script. If for some reason a company is intrigued by your idea and someone wants to read your script, they will ask you to sign a release first.

So, yes, as a producer you can get a pitch meeting and get a script read, but you will have to sign a release. Before signing it, you should have it looked over by a lawyer.

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Joe Perez said...

Thank you for your answer. My question was regarding a statement made by a T.V. development exec.. that an unsolicited script will not be accepted unless it goes through a manager, or agent, but an indie producer can bring a concept show, a short movie sample (to be made into a feature), or an actual feature completed, or one in production with some quality test footage for presentation to the table for consideration. Can I as an indie producer solicit for a meeting with development heads at a production company, or broadcast station, by-passing the unsolicited materials rule? I was wondering if this was true? Can I as an indie producer pitch my project for acquisition, or development, without a manager or agent, because I am the producer? Does this process open doors that for the screenwriter would remain shut?

TheGreenlightCoach said...

Because they don't know you it is still unsolicited, and while you can get it read or seen like I pointed out above, you will still have to sign a release.

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