Thursday, July 19, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1227:You say know "everybody," but I gotta tell you, there are some weird people in our business!

... What if I don't want to know them?"

You know the old saying, "don't judge a book by it's cover?" Well, it's okay to judge weird people and not choose to form a relationship with them. What I mean by "everybody" is, "don't judge a person by their classification." Most people tend to only network with people in the same classification/union or with the people who can hire them. What they don't recognize is that there are people out there in other classifications who may not be able to hire them, but know the people who can. And someone who is not in your classification is far more likely to share his/her contacts with you than someone who is the same classification as you.

So when I say everyone, I don't mean that literally... Lord knows I don't! I simply mean know people in all classifications. And don't feel badly for the people you consider "weird," they find each other and create relationships. Like attracts like and everyone is happy.

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