Friday, November 6, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 249: Why do so many people seem to be working and I'm not hearing about anything?

Stop comparing yourself to other people. If you really want to know why they're working and you're not, ask them what they're doing to generate work.

The bottom line, there's always work out there and there will always be people to work those jobs. If you're not getting the jobs, you have to focus on the business tools and strategies for building and strengthening your relationships.

Also, know that whatever questions you ask, your brain will come up with answers. I imagine your mind has been not been kind with it's answer to this one. Therefore, ask more empowering questions like: How can I generate work for myself, who do I have to know to get work, what more can I be doing to advance my career?

Let your brain ponder those, because it will come up with better answers.

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