Thursday, November 25, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 631: What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

This wasn't a question sent to me by one of you, it was a Facebook status shared by a friend who got about 54 responses. Here's why that's important (but first my favorite tradition):

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is eating twice. I love Thanksgiving food, and for some reason it's one of those holidays that although called "Thanksgiving Dinner," always winds up being served between 3-4pm. In my book that's lunch. But it's all good because, while I do stuff myself, I don't have to go too far, because I know I'm going to get to eat it all again around 9pm. Then I'm stuffed. That doesn't stop me from having it for breakfast though. And when it's all gone, I wonder, "why can't I just make these dishes when it's not Thanksgiving?" I resolve to do it, but never do.

1. It's important, because people, myself included, like to share their stories, hence the 54 responses (which I'm sure have doubled since I read it this morning).

2. If you know that people respond to these types of questions, you can ask them on your FB wall and get to know your "friends" better. If you're working to know your entertainment industry "friends" better, you will change the question to: What have you done on Thanksgiving, when you were on a job and away from home?

See how easy it is to connect with people in a deeper way?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm grateful that you're out there reading my posts and sending me questions so I can be of service to you.

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