Saturday, December 26, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 299:What do you do when a teacher discourages you about your work?

I have created this question based on a comment I received yesterday regarding a post I put on Facebook about a movie that I'd just seen and loved:

"I have a problem with that movie, I like it a lot, but mainly because I wrote a short-script almost identical... I never showed that script because my screenwriting teacher told me it was a good exercise but a bad idea for a movie, because there were no public in Mexico that wanted to pay for that kind of movie. I believed him..."

Teachers are voices of authority in our society. They teach because they are "experts." But let's face it, teachers, like development execs, and like agents, don't know everything. Listen to feedback, it's important, but if the voice that is speaking loudest about your work, is the voice in your heart, then THAT is the voice you should be listening to.

If I had listened to every person who told me "I couldn't do that," I wouldn't have a resume. The film industry is a risk. You take a chance that a story that is important to you will be well executed, and well received. It may not be, but if you want to tell your story, then don't let someone else tell you no!

That, said, you now have a second chance. I'm sure your short film is not identical, and you can change the bench scene to something else. There are only, what? Seven "original" stories. Your voice is what makes your story unique, so now that you know there's a market out there for this genre, maybe blow off the dust and give it another shot.

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