Monday, June 11, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1189: Does doing a web series help an out of work actor get more work?

Any opportunity you have to act and be around people who can see that you are directable and a joy to work with can lead to numerous opportunities including work.

Last year, a handful of web series were made into network shows. I haven't checked the background on this years pick ups, but you never know where a web series can lead.

It's also your job to maximize on the opportunity of working on a webisode. Meet the cast and crew, create relationships. This town is 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. You never know who they know. The young PA whose first job it is could be related to a series regular on a series who'd be willing to mentor you.

Acting is your work, so if you're on a web series you're working. Work leads to more work. And when people ask actors' most dreaded question, "what are you working on?" you'll have an answer that you can be passionate about.

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