Tuesday, March 2, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 365:How do you do anything (business related) for 365 days straight?

WELL OF COURSE I HAD TO CHOOSE THIS ONE! Thank you everyone who contributed your questions for the 365th day of my blog! I will answer all of them that came in. You have to admit, this person was savvy. He knew I was going to choose his. Why? It's timely, it ties into the theme of today, AND he specifically put in "business related" so I couldn't remind him that he eats, drinks, and possibly showers every day. So, well played, my friend. YOU are the one-year-anniversary question.

How do you do something business related for 365 days straight? Here's how I did it and will continue to do it...

1. I made a decision to commit to the business related task
2. I built in MAJOR accountability
3. I knew people needed my help and were counting on me

Let's take each one individually so you can apply it to your career:
1. Make a decision to commit to a daily business task that you KNOW will improve your business. It can be committing to 1 business phone call or email/day, saying a daily power statement, posting on business contacts' walls on Facebook, a daily business tweet, etc.
These are easy examples. You can commit to more complex daily business tasks, like committing to 1 power hour of focused business work, posing a daily video on YouTube branding you as an expert, etc.

2. Building in accountability was KEY for me. As you may recall, there were about 3 blogs that I posted after midnight, dating the blog for the next day. I would write, "Because I haven't gone to sleep yet, this still counts for Tuesday." As a career coach, I am setting the bar. To miss a day, may have been human, but I prefer to be a superhero for my followers. My readers are important to me and I didn't want to disappoint them.

Whose opinion is important to you? Who can hold you accountable for your daily business task. Can you post a status on a social media site daily so you know people are watching and seeing how consistent, dependable, and professional you are?

3. What's bigger than you? On those nights that I was falling asleep after speaking for 11 hours straight after my Greenlight Your Career Bootcamp, a voice would pop into my head and say, "wake up, you forgot to blog!" I could have answered the voice, "it's just one day, they'll understand." But it wasn't about me and it wasn't about how understanding everyone would've been. It was about making a commitment to something bigger. Sleep could wait a few more minutes.

Who do you care about so much that letting them down is not an option? You may not know them personally. They may be the people who need the message of the work you want to produce. How can you get your work out there if you're not doing the "business work" it takes to get your work seen?

Or maybe you do know them. Maybe it's your family; parents whom you want to see you succeed, children whom you want to be a role model for, a spouse who always believed in you who you want a better life for.

How can I blog everyday for 365 days straight? How can I not? I'm committed to your success, and as long as you're out there reading, and sending me questions I will stay committed to you for as long as I'm physically able. SO KEEP THOSE QUESTIONS COMING!

It's been a pleasure to serve you this past year and I look forward to the many blogs to come...

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