Sunday, April 25, 2010

entertainment industry coach Question 417: Question about a time management technique from your newsletter

the questioncontinued, "I've been experimenting with the time-management techniques from your newsletter. I've been doing the one where I write down 3 things I want to get done for the day and then I throw the paper away. What do I do with the rest of my day?"

It sounds to me like you're a do-er. That technique is for people who can't get started or focused, or simply don't want the pressure of a long to-do list. It works really well for them. If you're finding that you're getting your 3 things done and have plenty of "business time" left in the day, you can certainly do more. You chose the 3 most important things and accomplished them. Celebrate that and then do more on the days you feel like working, or take some time to do something non-work related on the days you feel like giving yourself a break.

My newsletters are jumping off points. You have an "And...Action!" task, because I want to get you started. You've taken the bull by the horns, now make it your own.

And once again, congratulations for taking action and implementing the techniques I write about in my newsletter!

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