Sunday, August 12, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1251: you said to meet 100 people. How do you maintain all of those relationships?

Ah, great question! This person went on to describe how he has piles of business cards from people he's met recently at networking events. The key is to break it down into manageable chunks.

Here is a 7-step plan:

1. Take a few moments after meeting someone to write down personal notes on his/her card so you can easily remember what to refer back to.

2. Compose a general "nice to meet you" note.

3. Prioritize your business cards by people to whom you want to contact first.

4. Divide the follow up of 100 people by a 5 day work week (20/day) or 2 weeks (10/day) and divide the cards up accordingly into a neat piles of 20 or 10.

5. Plan the hour or two into your schedule for the week (or two)

6. During your scheduled time, personalize the general note for each person, based on your notes. This can be by email or in a greeting card*.
(*More personal, and my preferred choice, if there's a physical address on the business card. These can be bought in advance or even ordered with your name on them)

7. Send them out.

THE BIGGEST MISTAKE is asking for work or reminding them you're available in this note! Tempting as it may be, stop yourself. Create the relationship FIRST, work will follow.

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