Monday, January 18, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 322:I read your newsletter but why would anyone want to read a blog about me?

Re-read the newsletter 3 times. If you still have that question, ask someone close to you to help you with the formula I outlined.

What makes this question important to all of my blog readers (and if you want to receive the free newsletter with great career boosting articles every month, sign up at is what's underneath the question within your question: Why would anyone want to read a blog about you?

Let's leave out the words "want to read a blog about" and insert "be interested" so that the question now reads: Why would anyone be interested in me?

Because really, isn't that what you're asking? This is a confidence issue. Confidence is one of, it not, "the" most important success mindset you can have in this industry.

The fact is, everyone has confidence in something. Perhaps you're confident that you can tie your shoes, or boil water, or turn on a television. Therefore, it's not that you lack "confidence" it's that you lack confidence in your ability to be interesting when desired.

This is a process that is too long for a blog. The good news, is that building confidence is easier than you might think. The bad news is, that 90% of you won't take the action to build this important mindset.

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