Monday, June 15, 2009

Question 104: When is the best time of year to switch agents? Part 2

Part two pre-supposes that you've read part one and determined that you do, in fact, believe switching agents is the best choice for you. Therefore, here's some information on how to go about it:

Research your market and the hiring seasons.

For example, while pilot season is not what it used to be, an actor looking for representation from January - March is not recognizing that agents are working to get their current clients on pilots. Pilot season ends around April, and while agents are waiting to hear what pilots will be picked up at the upfronts in May, they are also letting go of clients who didn't do well during pilot season. This could be a good time to get meetings.

After the upfronts in May, writers get hired, as do crew. Pilots that were picked up may be looking to re-cast series regulars. Once episodic season gets going, co-stars, guest stars, and recurring roles are cast regularly. Directors get hired on shows that don't have an exclusive director, and day-playing jobs become available for crew members.

Films shoot all year round. Production reports list films in different stages of development. One way to meet film agents is to attend film festivals where they are searching for talent.

Commercials and Music Videos also shoot all year long and agents know it's a numbers game. Therefore, referrals and buzz campaigns are the best way to get to commercial/MV agents.

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