Thursday, September 17, 2009

question 199: Then how DO I make my resume stand out?

This was a follow up question to my answer to #197. I told him why having a picture wasn't a good idea but I didn't answer what DOES actually make a resume stand out. So here's my answer:

If you're an academy award winner and/or have worked on top box office grossing films, that's going to make your resume stand out. Although usually at this level, you won't need a resume.

So what really makes a resume stand out if you have basically a number of unrecognizable credits with semi-unrecognizable talent? A REFERRAL. In other words, sending out hundreds of resumes cold, is pretty much a waste of time and money. Instead, target specific jobs, speak to your contacts to find out if they know anyone involved with the project, and then send a cover letter with your resume stating that you were referred by _______. That's what makes you stand out, having a connection to someone involved.

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