Thursday, August 19, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 533: What is the proper way to go about sending mentor letters?

The proper way is the most direct way to get it in their hands. Therefore, there are numerous and professional ways to do it. Here are a few:

1. If you have an address for them that was given to you by a referral.

2. Through their agent (almost all agencies forward mail to their clients, but you may want to check with the agency before you write your letter just to be sure).

3. Through their production company.

4. Through their union (if their union forwards mail- check before writing the letter).

5. Through a friend, if a friend is willing to pass it on.

6. You can hand it to them personally, if you know you're going to a Q&A where they will be speaking, if they stay after to speak with people.

7. You can "friend" them on Facebook, and if they accept, send it in a personal note.

This is not in order of "the most direct way to get it in their hands." It will vary depending on the person to who it's being sent.

DO NOT- find out where they live and put it in their mail box or knock on their door

DO NOT- carry it around with you because you see them often at a local restaurant and whip it out while they're enjoying their personal time [while this has been done, it doesn't fall under "best practices"]

DO NOT- do anything that could freak them out or scare them!

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