Wednesday, October 14, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 226: what's an avoidable mistake at a networking event?

I'll admit, no one specifically asked me this one. It's in answer to what I witnessed last night at a networking event. Here's the scenario:

Successful speaker stays after the Q & A to talk to attendees. One attendee off handedly introduces himself and brings up that he'd worked on the same show as successful speaker, as a PA, then says, "I just wanted to say thanks for coming," and tries to walk away, when successful, confident, speaker attempts to re-engage him by asking him what he's doing now.


Attendee gives him a list starting from being fired from mutual show, onto failed attempts at work, leading to producing his own project which lead to 4 lawsuits, and now he's working with a famous actor's son on a project.

Just start with "I'm working on a project with _____ son." Then talk about why you're excited about it.

WHY ON EARTH would you lead with a list of failures? Who would want to work with you after that? No one who's asking what you're working on knows about all that stuff, so you don't have to share it like it's some scarlet letter!

Please, people, when meeting new people, share what you're passionate about, NOT what's wrong with you, your life, and/or your career! No one wants to work with Debbie Downer (SNL reference)

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