Saturday, July 17, 2010

entertainment industry coach Question 500: Would you take a 500 day challenge that would change your career?

I don't know why the number 500 seems so meaningful. Maybe because I've never actively done anything for my career for 500 days straight. Have you? 500 days straight? No weekends off? What if you did? Choose one action from the following list that catches your attention:

1. Send a business email
2. Make a business call
3. Post a branding statement on a social media site
4. Blog on something that pertains to your career
5. Post a comment on an entertainment industry forum

After you make your choice, close your eyes and visualize the possibilities that can occur from you taking this one action for 500 days straight. Give yourself at least 5 minutes to visualize...

From my experience, taking an action for my business for 500 days straight has reaped tangible results like money, new contacts, and jobs (speaking engagements). It's also given me results that you can't measure like industry credibility, expert status, deeper connection with industry people, rewarding feedback from people I've helped, and a major sense of accomplishment and commitment to my business.

I invite you to take the 500 day challenge. For my question 1000, I will ask, "What have you done for 500 days straight and how has it affected your career?" I look forward to your answers as well as hearing about your journey along the way.

Feel free to add a comment about what your 500 day commitment is. Putting it out there in the public eye makes you accountable-- another great lesson I learned from this experience.

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