Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1055: How do I book a co-star or guest star?

When I received this question I asked him to tell me what he'd already been doing toward that goal. He responded with:
- Looking for online auditions
- Waiting for agent & manger to send him out
- Getting new headshots
- Taking some casting workshop
- Emailed some directors at their IMDB contact information

NOW... if any of you have ever been to one of my seminars, I tell you that for every classification there are 3-5 things that the majority of the people do over and over again. The first 4 of his actions fall directly into the "actor category" of what everyone is doing.

So, he wants some new actions to take. Here goes...
1. Research the shows that cast a lot of co/guest stars every episode. Then out of those, create a target list of the shows that have been on for 2-3+ years IN YOUR CITY. Why? because with the number of people they have to cast every episode, they've already gone through their "go-to" people and are more open to bringing in new people. (Now that you have a list of those shows, strategically target the casting workshops, but not just to attend & do a scene, but to take the first step to building an ongoing relationship with the CD. Most people think they're doing that just by attending but they are NOT).

2. Get mentors on the shows on your list. They can be actors, writers, directors, crew members. This is one of those actions that make people scratch their head, but it's the most effective way to build relationships WHEN DONE CORRECTLY. If you are interested in an effective strategy for getting mentors one that has helped 100s of my clients, check out The Greenlight Mentor Elite Program.

3. Ask your contact list for referrals to anyone who is involved in the shows on your target list. Your goal is to get set visits. Again, there's an entire strategy for set visits; why you're there, what to do, who to talk to and about what. I've addressed set visits numerous times on this blog.

Start with those 3. They should keep you busy and if done properly can get you work faster than you imagined!

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