Thursday, November 12, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 255: What do I do if I accepted a freebie and then just got a call for a paying gig that conflicts?

This is one of those decisions that is an A-list problem to have, yet a problem none-the-less. It is important to trust your gut/instincts on this. What do you think/feel is the right choice. Can you replace yourself on the freebie, giving a colleague an opportunity and helping the producers who brought you on?

Obviously, you’d like to take the paying gig, which is why you’re asking the question (or you would have simply turned it down). Weigh out the pros and cons of taking the paying gig and abandoning the freebie. Think short term AND long term.

If you do choose to pass on the freebie, do it professionally and use everything in your power to help them replace you.

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