Monday, November 23, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 266: Are things picking up in the industry? I heard pilot season is getting back to normal.

"Are things picking up in the industry?" is one of those questions, that is relevant to you specifically. If things are in fact picking up according to what's in production, it's irrelevant if you don't know anyone who can hire you. On the flip side, if things are so slow that there are only 3 productions in town, yet you're working on one, it doesn't really matter if things pick up.

More importantly:
1. How are you educating yourself to find out what's in production in your area?
2. How actively are you pursuing the people who are working on those productions?
3. How often do you let "the state of the industry" be an excuse or something to blame, for you not giving 100% to taking action?

This has always been an unstable industry, so while I won't assume it always will be, I will prepare for (and suggest that you do, too) the ups and the downs that come with the life of a freelancer.

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