Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting Work in the Entertainment Industry Question 927: I've been calling my contacts over and over and I need something new to do. Any suggestions?

I have at least 20 off the top of my head, but here's the thing. You're doing what EVERYONE does when they're looking for work (that is everyone who hasn't coached with me). You're calling your contacts every week, month, hopefully not day, to tell them "I'm available." This is NOT strategic. This is not good business. How would you feel if you were working and in the position to hire people, you already hired the people you need, and then get 50 "I'm available" calls each week. What would you do? You wouldn't have time to call everyone back and say that you're sorry but you don't have anything for them. So, that is why you find yourself where you are now.

Okay, suggestions. First of all, because it seems as if you don't know enough people who are working and you are their #1 or 2 call, this isn't necessarily going to be a quick process, so it's important that you're patient.

1. Target and meet at least 5 new people per month

2. Meet 10 people per month who are in the industry no matter what classification

3. Ask the people you already know for referrals

4. Review the previous 926 blogs for new ideas

Or you can (shameless plug) BUY MY BOOK which is 52 chapters written in a way that you have a new action to take each week.

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