Friday, March 19, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 381: How do I capitalize on a current project when I'm off to work on another?

A-List problems. I love them! This is what I was asked by my client tonight after we watched the fabulous movie starring John Hamm and Josh Lucus, that he had produced and DPd. You see, he did such a GREAT job producing this film, that he's been hired to produce a slate of movies in Louisiana and he leaves on Tuesday. His film, STOLEN, is playing currently at the Laemmle Sunset 5. The more people who go, the longer it will stay in the theater. It was such a good movie. The acting was superb, the story heart-wrenching. If you live in in Los Angeles you should go see this movie!

So let me count.... that was 7 lines I just wrote promoting Andy Steinman and his wonderful work (now that's 8) Here's his IMDB link: (9) The link to his movie facebook fan page (10) and the link to buy your tickets from the theater (11)

Hence, the answer to the question is: HAVE YOUR FANS PROMOTE FOR YOU.
If you're a camera operator who wants work, but the DP who hires you isn't working, start a marketing campaign for the DP. If you want to stay on peoples' radar when you're off working, have other people promoting you.

While Andy is out of town working, as he keeps me posted on his successes, I'll be happy to promote him on my social media sites, in my blog, etc. If he has 20 other people doing that... he's creating buzz and you can too.

In addition to Andy, I'd also like to congratulate camera crew members, Boris Price, Nate Havens, Matt Mosher, and wonderful Still Photographer Jessica Brooks, who also worked on the project!

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