Saturday, October 17, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 229: What's the cure for procrastination?

The cure for procrastination is different for everyone, but I'll give you a few prescriptions to try:

1. An accountability and reward system. Find a partner or group where you build in rewards for results. You'll have people supporting you, as well as a reward for a job well done.

2. Schedule it and tell people. Your reputation is key in this industry, so if you tell people you're going to do something, to maintain your reputation, you must follow through. I call this "throwing your hat over the fence."

3. Change your perspective on what you're doing. In general, people don't procrastinate on things they enjoy doing. So, how can you turn something you don't enjoy into something you do? If you need ideas, let me know.

4. Have a greater cause than "you." Yes, doing the "business work" can lead to work for you, and that may motivate you sometimes, but if it's not enough, what else could it lead to? Can you be setting an example for your kids (a role model)? Can you commit to a charity donation that is important to you, and therefore you must get the work to make the money?

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