Thursday, January 5, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1036: How do you pitch an idea?

I asked him to be more specific and he shared that it is a reality show idea that he wants to pitch to a specific television network. This could almost be two questions:
1. How to create a pitch
2. How to get in the door to pitch

I'll focus on 2, because you can google "how to create a pitch," or buy a book on it. It's a skill/art that is too long for a blog post.

So how do you get in the door to pitch your idea to a network. There are so many ways. Here are a sampling:

1. Get a literary agent or manager to represent the project and set up the pitch meeting for you. **You may need to have connections to get you a meeting with an agent or manager. If you don't, you'll have to pitch yourself on the phone and convince them that you have a truly unique idea.

[aside- speaking of truly unique ideas, protect yourself. Register your treatment with the WGA]

2. Attach yourself to someone who already has a track record. There are many smaller reality show production companies out there with established track records who can get in the door at networks. **from #1 applies here too.

3. Reach out to everyone you know and ask if they have connections to anyone at the network you are interested in. Even if it's someone in the mailroom, establish a relationship and then let him/her steer you to the right people.

4. Go to the website or call the development department to see what the submission policy is for a synopsis. Some companies won't look at your proposal unless it's submitted through an agent, manager, or entertainment attorney. Others will have you sign an agreement before accepting your synopsis.

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