Sunday, December 13, 2009

entertainment industry coach question 286: What do I do to stay busy when times are so slow?

Staying busy during slow times? There are two ways to answer this question from my perspective. The first, is the business actions you can be taking and the second is the actions you can be taking to maximize your "off time."

Business action ideas:
1. Re-establish with 30 contacts
2. Reach out to 10 business advice mentors
3. Visit 5 sets (if it's holiday time, go to 5 parties)
4. Attend 1 networking event/week and meet 5-10 people at each

Many people spend all of their time in between jobs, stressing out about being out of work and then, once they have the next job, they look back and regret not enjoying their time off.

Off time ideas:
1. Hang out with friends you've been out of touch with
2. Once a week, spend a day doing something you enjoy: the beach, a day trip to another city, a movie with popcorn & soda, a sports event, a museum, the planetarium
3. Exercise
4. Pick up an old hobby

That should keep you busy for a while.

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