Thursday, May 3, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1150: Is choosing a medium like choosing a major; once you're in it you're stuck with it?

What this person asked in more detail was if he were to start his career in reality TV since it's easiest with his connections to break into the medium, if that's his best place to start. Ironically he compared it to being stuck in a major. The irony being, that once you choose a major you can either switch majors, double major, and even graduate with that major and go into a career having nothing to do with the major.

It's the same thing with a medium. From what many seasoned mentors have told me, it wasn't always that way, but in the last decade we've seen a lot of classifications moving from TV to film to commercials and back again.

What you have to ask yourself is, if you start in Reality TV and your goal is to be in another medium (such as scripted television), how long are you willing to wait to achieve that goal? I ask because each medium has different relationships to be created. Therefore, while working the long hours and possible distant locations of Reality TV, you must also be building your contacts and deepening relationships with people working in scripted television.

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