Saturday, September 8, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1278: How do you deal with a boss you can't stand?

Unfortunately, I've had this question before. Here are some questions to consider:

1. Do you need the job for: the income, the prestige, the education, the connections, etc?
2. What are the underlying feelings for your boss: unhealthy stress, anger, jealousy, resentment, fear, insecurity, etc?
3. Have you pursued other opportunities?

Let's say you work in a "department" where your boss (the head of the department) is a screamer. AND, your boss is hugely "in demand," so you fear leaving because the perks of working in this department are: lots of money, good contacts for the future when you move moves up in classification, steady work, and the rest of the crew are like family.

Here are some tips for tolerating your boss:

1. Immediately start building relationships outside of your "crew family" so that you may find yourself in an equally prestigious work opportunity with a better boss. Part of this is to be meeting people that make you happy and inspire you.

2. Start planning for your future by building a reel. This will make your current job feel like a day-job while you pursue something you're more passionate about. Create a 1-2 year plan to be out of there! It will give you something to live for (I'm being dramatic, but as I said yesterday, I've been there).

3. Because he is a screamer, but your job is not in jeopardy, recognize that he's just a schmuck and his screaming is due to lack of management skills and most likely a small.......... sense of self. I know, that doesn't help in the moment, HOWEVER, on top of recognizing this, I want you to create an emotional anchor* that you can fire off when he's done.

What's most important is your health! Working for someone like this can literally be hazardous to your health because of suppressed emotions and stress. So you MUST find a healthy outlet.

*an anchor is a tool to change your emotional state. For more information on how to create an anchor, contact me or order my book And...Action! at

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