Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Question 155: I got offered a job on location for a long time (6mths-yr). How do I work it out with my family?

First, congratulations on the job offer! Now you have what I refer to as an A-List problem. Some people relocate their family for the year and rent out their local place. If that's not an option for you, the alternative is to have your family come out to visit, you come home to visit when possible, Skype, and most of all... good communication.

1. Talk to other people in your classification who go on long location jobs and ask them what they did right and what they'd do differently.

2. Ask your wife and kids what their concerns are about you being gone for so long, so you can put their minds at ease.

3. Make a plan for a family (or spouse) vacation when you return*
*planning a vacation can sometimes be a work magnet. Let your family know this in advance so you set it up to be a win/win. If you go on vacation it will be great, if you get another job it will be great.

Location work can be a great strain on a family if there isn't good communication. There are plenty of other jobs in this country where a spouse/parent is on the road for long periods of time like truckers, fishermen, pilots, military, and cruise ship personnel. In those careers, the family knows what to expect. It's important that entertainment industry families know what to expect, as well.

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